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With Wings offers to provide a final place of peace for cremated remains. Our pledge is to treat the both the family and the remains with the respect and care expected of such a personal service. We offer to scatter remains within the Mid-Atlantic region at a chosen place, and to provide details of the occassion to the family.

Contact With Wings for ash scattering by airplane in the Mid-Atlantic (Virginia, western West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, northern North Carolina) area. We are your source for an environmentally friendly, inexpensive funeral alternative. We scatter cremated remains (ashes) by airplane over State Parks, National Parks and Forrests, Rivers, and most other areas. We offer witnessing options. Families can watch the scattering from the ground or can ride along with us on a private scattering flight.



                                                                   ASH SCATTERING OVER THE MOUNTAINS


Why Scattering By Airplane?

Many choose to have their cremated remains scattered to they can be with nature. Others choose to be scattered over a place of beauty or a place of specific meaning for them. For us at With Wings, it is about Freedom. Free from the earth. When cremated remains are scattered by airplane, they are truely scattered and set free to travel with the wind.

We believe that it in not just the destination of your loved one's remains, the the journey they take that matters. We release teh cremated remains into the air, allowing currents of wind to guide them on a final journey. Many of the cremated remains will descend to the earth below. Others are allowed to move freely in the air to travel some distances.

  • Unllike burial or scattering by boat, scattering by airplane is truely scattering. The remains travel with wind currents.
  • Because we use an airplane, we can release cremated remains in locations that others cannot, such as over mountains.
  • With Wings offers a witness option for one or two persons. Families can watch from the ground, or can meet us at the airport to watch the aircraft depart toward the chosen location.